High quality ventilation systems

Vianen has developed into one of the leading players in high quality ventilation systems for institutional and commercial kitchens. Well established on a global scale with branches across Europe and abroad, we are aiming at further expanding our international presence

Induction Model GV

To maintain a kitchen at a negative pressure when extracting kitchen vapours via an extraction unit the air should be simultaneously supplemented. This can result in high energy costs. Energy savings can be achieved by drawing un-tempered outside air directly into the extraction canopy. This air is then forced through the…

MUAP Make-Up Air for every canopies

The system allows the kitchen ventilation to be balanced by introducing tempered make-up / supply air through the perforated front face of the canopy. The MUAP plenum forms an integral part of the canopy and is positioned along the front of the canopy. The Vianen MUAP system can be used in combination with any wall or island mounted canopy. Treated air is supplied into the internally insulated MUAP plenum via factory fitted spigots on the roof of the canopy. The air passes over a perforated internal equalising diffuser and is delivered into the kitchen through the vertical perforated front face(s) of the canopy. The system ensures an even distribution of supply air over the full length of the canopy at low velocity without any draught. The MUAP system is also easily incorporated into Water Wash and UV-C canopies.

Jet Stream 90

Suitable for all types of cooking equipment whether wall mounted or in an island arrangement. The canopy features a double skin design which allows air to be delivered through slots arranged along the inner front face and if required inner sides of the canopy to effectively and efficiently…


Modern kitchen design for front cooking new technology, trends and colours

Culina canopie

The kitchen is always a hot topic of conversation when it comes to design. It is the hub not only for cooking but also for entertaining. Open floor plans continue to strengthen as the norm.

Vianergy II.

Suitable for all types of cooking equipment over wall and island arrangements. On the three sides (wall type) and 4 sides (island type) air is discharged into the canopy via Jet Stream slots for a capture air stream effect. This system creates a complete envelope around the cooking.

Ventilated ceilings

The VIANEN PLENUM Ventilated Ceiling is suitable for all types of medium and heavy duty cooking equipment and is a flexible solution for kitchen ventilation. The ceiling can be installed to cover the full area of a kitchen allowing flexibility in the layout of catering equipment and is easily adapted to serve the addition of further equipment. The Plenums are fitted with VIANEN FECON Filters to ensure the highest levels of grease extraction. The filters are designed to allow the grease to run off the filters into an integral grease collecting channel and then into easily removable grease trays. The provision of perforated supply air panels or grilles allows the introduction of supply/make-up air under draught free conditions to maintain a comfortable working environment and ensures the kitchen ventilation system is perfectly balanced.

The inclusion of V-LEL light fittings provides the correct levels of lighting in the kitchen areas where it is most needed. In all other areas removable matching stainless steel panels are installed to maintain the hygienic properties and the highly aesthetic appearance of the ceiling. The ceiling has a constant exhaust pressure drop of 100 Pa and a supply air pressure drop of 40 Pa. The Plenum Ventilated Ceiling is an “all in one” solution which extracts and supplies air and allows the integration of V-LEL lights to provide the perfect kitchen environment. Working from kitchen layout drawings VIANEN will produce a fully integrated ceiling package, coordinated to match the requirements of both extract and supply air to ensure the kitchen ventilation system is properly balanced and works perfectly.

UV-C filters

The Vianen UV-C system can be used in any Vianen canopy or ceiling system and is suitable for all types of cooking equipment especially those that create high grease loads. The UV-C system generates ozone which breaks down grease particles reducing the build-up of grease deposits in the ductwork also helps to reduce some cooking odours that would otherwise be released into the surrounding area at the kitchen extract discharge point

Vianen Fecon grease separator filters

The Vianen Fecon Filter is designed to remove grease particles from the extract air stream of commercial kitchen ventilation systems. The interlocking semi-circular blades of the filter create multiple centrifugal forces as the air passes through the filter which ensures efficiency rates of 95% are achieved. The filters are mounted in the canopy at an inclined angle of 45° and the non-clogging nature of the cyclone filters allows the grease to run off the filters into integral drainage channels within the canopy or ceiling system. Each filter features two integral handles to make removal and refitting of the filters an easy operation

Vianen Ecology Unit

With an ever increasing environmental awareness and the common global goal to reduce emissions and pollutions, Vianen has a responsibility of contributing through the filtration of cooking fumes arising from commercial kitchen applications. In order to effectively filter all the grease, gaseous and other particles, proper filtration of the extracted fumes from these commercial cooking appliances is required. A Vianen Ecology Unit is meant as a second stage filtration system, when a proper kitchen hood suitable for the desired appliance comes in first. A Vianen Ecology Unit can be located on for instance rooftops, inside parking garages or above false ceilings. It shall be custom made according to the situation at hand. The situation will be determined on variables such as; type of cooking (regular, charcoal grills, spicy food etc), kitchen hoods (existing or to be installed), location of the Ecology Unit, ducting etc.