MEIKO warewashing technology – sparkling prospects all round

When it comes to getting dirty dishware perfectly clean, experts recommend MEIKO warewashing technology.

Undercounter dishwashers and glasswashers

MEIKO undercounter dishwashers can be installed under the bar, in the serving area, or in a separate wash-up room – but wherever you choose, you can be confident they will always offer the same fantastic performance in a compact package.

Pass through dishwashing machines

From dishware and kitchen utensils to pots and containers, this MEIKO warewashing technology is the perfect way to get the job done. Whatever the size of your business, these machines get your washware clean even when time is tight.

UPster serie

UPsters like to keep things moving. Don‘t mess around – make the decision and do it! UPsters have some great ideas, but right now their budget is limited. Time to bring on great quality at fair, entry-level prices! UPsters don‘t want any fuss. They want easy access to all the key information online. Plus a partner who‘ll give them all the support they need.

Universal warewashers

These all-rounders offer outstanding wash results even for larger washware such as pots, pans, trays, containers and similar items – that’s the power of MEIKO warewashing technology!

Flight type dishwashing machines

MEIKO’s M-iQ flight type dishwashing machines wash dishes, cups and trays quickly and hygienically. User-friendly and tremendously efficient, people simply love working with the M-iQ!

Rack type dishwashing machines

Whatever class of warewashing technology you are looking for, MEIKO’s rack type dishwashing machines offer a flexible solution tailored to your needs – and they can handle even the most challenging tasks. Hygienic – flexible – economical

Cart and trolley washers

The key to washing trolleys is to get them hygienically clean and back in use as quickly as possible. MEIKO trolley washers are technically advanced but easy to use.