In the service of the profession since decades …

What are our expertise?

We offer kitchen technology and interior design solutions regarding every segment of hospitality, be it an ambient café or a central kitchen, operating with thousands of servings. Moreover, we handle permit plans, technological difficulties and maintenance.

In a nutshell: Design & Build

From the start, we take the weight off of our partners’ shoulders, therefore they aren’t occupied with the designing/building process, rather they can focus on improving their corporation.

When designing and implementing our user-friendly and ergonomically thought-out projects we pay attention to energy optimization, employee efficiency, production time, space demand, sustainability and the questions of financial projection. The reason being, we believe that the success of your business can greatly depend on us and our notions.

 By collaborating with interior specialists we create livable, practical and modern guest areas, where customers feel good and think about coming back. Interior design and planning means more than a job for us. It requires creativity and a unique vision, which we know we can find in the members of our team. A well-designed kitchen and interior will accompany you for decades by being reliable and safe. Therein we can be your partners even for a life-time. 

 Apart from the state-of-the-art technological appliances, we offer advice, design, implementation and service.

 We propose dedication and experience besides our machines. We do not aim for professionalism, it is a part of our everyday job. Contact us, so we can demonstrate what we are capable of achieving in kitchens and more.

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András Neményi 


Ágnes Forster

Director of Finance

Kenéz Kocsis

Development director

Attila Orbók 

Director of sales

Dorottya Szeredy 

Interior designer, Project manager

Dorka Császár 

Senior designer

Enikő Maróti


Judit Farkas

Purchasing manager

László Orbók 


Éva Szele

Financial assistant

 Géza Tamás Budai

Project manager

Tamás Forster 

Installation specialist

Péter Fehér 


István Macsárkó 


Helga Stockbauer

Project assistant

AMeCoD csapat Borsics Adrienn

Adrienn Borsics 

Designer assistant

Kornél Kiss

Service technician

Soma Katona

Installation specialis

Gábor Szabados

Logistics sssistant

Zsigmond Gacsal

Service technician